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How to create email course

Wednesday, 15 January 2020

So it came to pass. You got the idea for a mailing course that you will create for your Readers. You can’t sleep, eat or have your coffee in peace, because you keep looking for a way to make that course happen? Well, do I have a solution for you.

On top of that, said solution is free - you can try your hand at mailing courses without any financial contribution, see if such form of teaching suits your Readers and if you yourself feel that “this is it”.

Where to start?

In order to create your own mailing course, start by… promoting it! That’s right, right after getting to creating it, you can already start promoting it on your fanpage or blog. That way you will build tension and your course will be anticipated! The sooner you start getting people’s interest, the bigger success will loom over you :)

Where to create your mailing course?

So here’s the moment where I present to you my online business helper: Mailerlite.

mailerlite logo.jpg

Mailerlite lets you build mailing lists, create different sign-up forms and send newsletters. And what’s most important to you right now – also send autoresponders for free.

What is an autoresponder?

Autoresponders are e-mail messages that you preprogrammed to be sent. In practice, it looks like this – you fill out all the information on the e-mail (like title or address to send it from), you choose the list of recipients and create the content of the e-mail. Next you set when to send it.

With regular newsletters that you may already be sending, it is also an option - you can prepare the message earlier (like on Wednesday), and set it to be sent next Monday, for example, to the list of recipients you already have. The message will only be sent to those who are ALREADY on the list.

When it comes to autoresponders, however, it looks a little different and that’s how they can help you build your mailing course. See below:

When you create an autoresponder, you can choose the time after which it gets sent to someone who JUST signed up for your mailing list – that way, at specified intervals, they will be getting a series of e-mails from you that will neatly form a mailing course.

So, are you ready?

Create an account with Mailerlite.


Once you create your account and take care of formalities – which is filling out your profile and verifying your e-mail address, click Automation in the top menu.


Mailerlite will invite you to create your first autoresponder. I hope you know by now what your mailing course is going to feature? Click Create new autoresponder.

You will be redirected to a page where you have to choose the type of autoresponder. Choose the first one, which is selected by default – it means that when somebody signs up for your mailing list – they will get this exact e-mail.

Now move along.

Wybierz typ autorespondera.jpg

Next you will have to fill out the information on the e-mail, as well as the time to send it – which means you change “immediately” to x days – those days will be counted from the moment of signing up for your mailing list.

Here’s an example.

Somebody joined your mailing list, and the settings of your autoresponders say they will get their first e-mail 1 day after signing up (or right away, for example – it’s up to you).

The next e-mail can be set up any way you want – like 7 days after signing up for the list. That’s exactly when they will get the first class of your course, for example – it’s all up to you.

I hope you get this entire mechanism now? If you have any doubts, just mention it in a comment and I’ll try to help you.

Now let’s get back to business:

wprowadzenie do kursu.jpg

Once you get all information set up on your first autoresponder, it’s time to go further.

Now you can choose the template for your message – you can choose out of basic ones or ready-made examples that you can modify any way you want. The choice is yours.

szablony autoresponder.jpg

Now it’s time for the content of your e-mail and here it’s all up to you as well – whether you just say hi to your subscriber in the first e-mail and thank them for signing up for the course, or maybe send them the first class already.

Robienie emaila.jpg

Once you decide the first e-mail is finally ready, click Done Editing and move further.

Now it’s time to choose your list of recipients. Remember to maintain the order in your mailing lists – it’s not like anyone would like to receive double e-mails or not get them at all, because they might actually be anticipating them.

Wybierz listę odborców.jpg

Once you move further, your autoresponder is ready. To start sending away, you need to activate it. After clicking On, you will get the following popup:

Przed wysłaniem.jpg

The first option means you won’t add other e-mails of your autoresponder to the queue.

The second option means that the autoresponder, which is your predefined e-mail, will be added to the outgoing e-mail queue, but if the time you set up has already passed (which means someone to send the e-mail to signed up 2 weeks ago for example – and the e-mail is to be sent right after signing up) it won’t be sent.

Pick the third option if you want someone signed up for your list of recipients to receive an e-mail even if the time you set up has long passed and that person signed up ages ago.

With those e-mails… you will create your first mailing course!

tak utworzysz swój kurs.jpg

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