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How to create a newsletter

Wednesday, 22 January 2020

I’ve got a surprise for you! You can also create a newsletter on a different platform - Mailerlite. It will be easy as pie, so come right in!

Mailerlite is free up to 1,000 subscribers. You can use it to create your mailing list, sign-up form and to make campaigns very intuitively. On top of that, Mailerlite is a great, free way to send autoresponders – which are automated messages, mailing courses or other e-mails you don’t want to have to worry about every single time.

But first things first. You need to set up an account on Mailerlite.com

Zakładanie konta.jpg

Remember to have your account verified, check your inbox and click the activating link. Withing the next few hours and days Mailerlite will be sending you a lot of tips on using this software.

Once you take care of owning an account and fill out all the information, you will see the Welcome and the Home Page.

Create Campaigns is creating a mailing campaign, then Add Subscribers is adding subscribers (Mailerlite has automatically created your first mailing list)  and Explore integrations means synchronizing Mailerlite with your accounts (like on Wordpress or Facebook).



In the Integrations tab, pick Wordpress. Follow the instructions – which means first you need to download the Mailerlite plugin and add it to your blog – send it to the server, install and activate.

It will then become visible to your left in Wordpress, where you can choose either Settings, where you configure the settings, or Signup forms, which is about sign-up forms.

MAilerlite w kokpicie WP.jpg

You see Signup forms? Choose it, babe.

Wpisz klucz API.jpg

Now you need the API key. You will find it on Mailerlite.

Go back to Integrations and scroll the Wordpress page all the way. Right at the bottom you will find your key, which you need to copy and paste in Wordpress.

Gdzie jest klucz API.jpg

Once you have the key in the plugin, you will be displayed an option to add a sign-up form. You have two options to choose from.

Teraz dodaj formularz.jpg

The sign-up form you created in Mailerlite (we’re not there yet) or a regular form that you will create in a moment.

Jaki typ formularza.jpg

Choose the first option. And… here we go!

Fill out all the information, make sure it’s in English. Then save your work.

Uzupełnj informacje Formularz zapisu.jpg

Zapisz formularz #1.jpg

Now, to make your form visible to your Readers, you need to go to your Widgets. Find Mailerlite there and add it to the Sidebar.

Dodaj Mailerlite do Widgetów.jpg

Your form is now ready and will be displayed in the blog’s side bar. It works for me, how about you?

Formularz zapisu na blogu.jpg

Now go back to Mailerlite, we’ve got a lot left to discuss.


Once you log in, everything will be neatly taken care of and available on the home page. That’s your Dashboard. Here you will find all the recent and most needed information – like the number of subscribers for example.


Campaigns will invite you to create your first campaign.

Utwórz kampanię.jpg

In the Subscribers tab you will find information on people who signed up for your mailing list. Your own email address will be listed as the first.


In the next tab, Webform, you can create super cool sign-up forms - popup and others. Hop right in.



Try to create your first Webform.

You have 3 options to choose from. Personally, I started with the first one - Popup – which is a popup window that allows you to sign up for a newsletter.

Typy webforms.jpg

New webforms.jpg

Give name to your form and continue.

Szablony pop upów.jpg

You have 3 Popup templates to choose from that you can later customize any way you want.

pop up szablony, wybierz.jpg

Once you make changes to your Popup, go to the settings. Here you can do things like specify after how many seconds the popup shows up and how often to display it to the same user.

Ustawienia pop up.jpg

To set up a Popup on your website, you need to copy its code, go back to Wordpress and hop into the template Editor. Find the theme footer (footer.php) and paste in the code before <body> at the end.

Wklej kod popup do edytor.jpg

Once you go back to Webform on Mailerlite, remember that you can also create a sign-up form there in form of a button and a typical form.


Go into Campaigns and click Create your first Email.

Utwórz kampanię.jpg

You can choose the type of campaign – personally, I picked the “most normal” one, which is Regular Campaign. You also have a few more to choose from – they’re visible in the bar next to the first one, see?

But let’s focus on the first type for now. First you need to name your campaign, pick the topic – which is the subject of the e-mail send to your subscribers, and some other information.
tworzenie kampaniii mailerlite.jpg

Then all you have to do (by which I mean a lot!) is choose the message template. You can choose out of basic forms or ready-made templates that you can modify any way you want.

I pick Basic and move on. robienie kampanii 1.jpg

Now it’s time for DESING iCONTENT, which is the entire content of your message and how it looks. This is where I sadly can’t help you – that’s something entirely up to you.

robienie kampani content.jpg

Once you decide you’re done, click Done Editing. Now all you have to do is choose the time of sending your newsletter – you can do it right away or set a specific date and hour.

wysyłanie kampanii.jpg

Alright, we have that taken care of. You know the theory now, so it’s time to get to work. Remember that you can only learn through practice – sometimes the trial and error method works great.

Having my fingers crossed for you - and waiting for your first newsletter.

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