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How to create sales funnel

Wednesday, 5 February 2020

In the world of business, sales funnel can sound like a scary term. I’m here to tell you that it’s not all that complicated, and while a funnel can be something complex with a lot of steps and amazing graphics and tripwires if you want it to be, a successful sales funnel simply comprises of offering something of value to your customer or client – such as a freebie or a sale – in return for something valuable back – such as their email address.

There are many ways you can do this, including creating a freebie and locking it behind an email field. Today, I want to talk about creating a free course with MailerLite and using it to gain subscribers that turn into fans, which turn into paying customers.

Why create a free course for your audience?

A free e-course does a number of things for your followers. Once you get into the mindset of your target audience, you can begin to identify their needs. If your followers need to learn how to bake a cake and you are able to teach them that skill, they’ll want to learn it from you. Everyone gets excited about the ability to learn something they really want to do. The fact that it’s free just makes it even better, and some people might even sign up to your course out of pure excitement and never actually take it – but that doesn’t matter, because you’ve got the golden ticket, their email address.

The second thing that a free course provides for you and your business is authority. If you are so skilled at a certain thing – like baking cakes – that you are able to teach it, then it becomes clear to your audience that you are an expert. If they learn things from you, it demonstrates that you know a bit more about the topic than they do. So, once they’ve taken their course and they’re thinking “wow, this was really great” and they want to move onto higher tier products within the same niche, they’re more likely to turn to you for their paid products.

How to create a free course in MailerLite!

I use MailerLite for creating my courses for a number of reasons. Most importantly, I believe that MailerLite is the best email marketing software available – so flexible with gorgeous design options and totally FREE up to 1000 subscribers. Here are the steps to take to create your course in MailerLite.

Step One: Create a List

Create a new list for people to sign up to, so that you know they’re here for the course. It will also help your automation so that you’re not bombarding older subscribers with a course they didn’t sign up for, and people who have already taken the course won’t get it again.

Step Two: Create Your Content

Create the content for your course in something like Microsoft Word of Docs. This way, you will have all of your spelling and proofing done by the automated systems, and it’s easy to go back and check again.

Step Three: Create the Automation

Go to “Automation” > Click on “Create a new workflow” > Select the trigger and the group > Click “Save”.
Name your group, something simple like “email course” so you can remember what the list is for. Only you will see this. There is a section named ‘trigger’. A trigger is what sets your course off to be sent. Set your trigger to “when subscriber joins a group” so that all new subscribers will get your automation work flow.

Paste your content into your emails and design away!

EMAIL: This is how you add a new email to your course.

DELAY: This is how you choose the timing between your emails. A new worksheet every day? Set your delay to 24 hours. A new worksheet once a week? Set your delay to weekly.

It really is as simple as that! Now go get creating, boss chick!

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