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I am a designer, blogger and author dealing in the sale of digital products, like logo patterns, graphic patterns, printable organizers, posters and promotional gifts for #RebelBosses under the brand name of The Glam Rebel Girl. I help entrepreneurial women build their businesses online using e-books, planners, courses and consultations.

I'm a f*cking #rebelboss and I do a goddamn fine job!

My clients are bloggers, owners of creative stores, author of courses and books, self-confidence trainers and a whole bunch of women with a claw who have decided to take the helm and create a business that will allow them to achieve a balance between success and satisfaction with life.
Who am I?
I create brands for amazing women. I share my knowledge and teach that making money on my passion is really a GREAT thing! I love coffee, hot chocolate, romantic walks by moonlight, good crime stories and TV series. I love heavy sound and I read books. I still don't know how to take good photos, do a make-up and put on my hair, but I can bake a good cheesecake and I'm able to put furniture together ;) I'm conquering the world, though I'm scared every day. My day like yours only has 24, still I use as much time as I can to build my own empire.

Be afraid, put on a crown and go!

There will never be a better moment. Don't wait for the miracle. I'm not a graphic designer by education nor have I a university degree from marketing. And what? And nothing. No one asks me for CV because I did everything I could to learn everything. Sometimes it was painful learning and it was paid by expensive mistakes. Do I regret it? It all began from a drawer full of materials, from a dream about my own book and from blog. :) I started in 2013 and since that time I went through many courses and tutorials which made it possible for me to gain a knowledge in a field of designing. Now, I'm creating online courses, graphic patterns and selling my own products in, for example on Etsy or Creative Market.
I want my and similar stories to show all women, that regardless of age or state of possesion, that YOU CAN. All you need to do is to find a path, not leave that for later, create a plan, and most importantly, work! Without working, nothing will happen. Success won't come knocking at your door without you working for it. You need to find an idea, get imprints while walking along a winding road in uncomfortable shoes and pour out a sea of tears. But believe my words, it's WORTH IT!
How I can help you rebel girl?
Branding services
You have an idea for yourself, you know that you do not want to have a boss and want to work from anywhere, but you do not know how to go about it? I will help you create a brand, website and implement a sales system for your blog or online store.
Online course
You have no idea for yourself, and online business seems to be black magic? The good news is that you can learn EVERYTHING. Take a look at the site and check my course or arrange a free consultation, and together we will create something amazing.
Free Ecourse
Do you want to start with your own business delivered to you and your life? What would you say about being your own boss, working as much as you want and where you want from? Seems incredible and impossible? Check my proposal and join the course!
Evelina Leśniewska
Consultation blogging Alex is a great investment, especially if you are at the beginning of his adventure with blogging. Alex carefully analyzes each page or subpage sidebar - in a word, all the elements of our website. It gives concrete tips and explains why something should be so and not otherwise. Recommended also many useful plugins that not only beautify the site or improve its functioning, but above all, make it easier for us to work. Alex helped me to catch small errors and standardize the whole thing in a consistent harmonious appearance. She looked at my blog from the point of view of the reader, which often eludes us authors. Consultation with Alex were called., "The icing on the cake".
Cześć, posłuchaj podcastu w którym byłam gościem!
Dowiedz się jak w kilku prostych krokach możesz sprawić by Twoja marka przeniosła się na wyższy poziom. Nie znajdziesz tu magicznych trików, a jedynie to co działa!