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I am very pleased that you want to contact me. My day has only 24 hours like yours so I am asking for patience, because I reply to each message personally. If you are starting to build your brand and want to achieve success, please contact me! Together we can create something extraordinary. If you have been running the business for some time and think that you need rebranding I will also be happy to help. I am very happy that you came here and it will be nice if you write to me ;)

Advertising cooperation on a blog is possible and it could be an entry promoting your service or product, step by step guide using the product, patronage, workshop (blogging, graphics, DIY), sponsored trip/report, product test/competition or partnership . All texts and materials created as a result of advertising cooperation are marked. If you do not have a specific idea for a joint action, use the contact form, we will definitely come up with something. However, remember that each cooperation is considered individually due to consistency with the blog and value for readers. Below you will find some information about the blog, you can also download the blog presentation at the bottom of the page.


Most of the readers of my blog are women. They make up 78% of readers.

Men also look here and mainly for texts on moto passion, they constitute 22%

Readers' age range is between 18-35 (76%) and 35-45 (10%).

Instagram is my growing community. There are 300+ followers there at the moment.

Facebook is my small community, but it's growing in strength and has just over 100 fans.


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Why work with me?

I've been on the internet since 2013. I ran many projects also for my clients. I am the face of this blog and I try to make the message authentic and in line with my values.

I'm amateur photographer and you can admire my photos on my Instagram and Facebook. I try to make what I do look good and be as unique as possible.

I am a graphic designer. It's more than a profession. It is also my professional perversion so you can be sure that your products or services will look great on blog.


Files to download

» Logo: .png (blog header)
» Photo: .png (my photo)
» Blog Media Kit: .pdf (media kit)
» Services Pricing Guide: .pdf (pricing guide)